Adding Visit and Payer Types

Adding payer types

Payer types are used to create a complete report, they have no rates associated with them and are just labelled to help you determine who to invoice for each client. E.g council

  • To add payer types, click on your name in the top right corner and settings
  • Click on the payer types tab then add new payer type
  • Fill out the name of the new payer type then done and save.


Adding visit types 

Similar to payer types, visit types reference the type of visit associated with a client. For example weekday morning. You can add visit types to a clients profile or against each visit as you schedule in a clients calendar.

  • Visit types have hourly rates linked to them for client invoicing
  • To add a new one, go to settings and visit types.
  • Fill out the name, hourly rate and VAT (it's likely your VAT will remain at 0)
  • Don't forget to save! 



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