NurseBuddy update, version 4.0

Introducing the latest version of NurseBuddy. Based on customer feedback, version 4.0 includes a number of improvements to help your NurseBuddy experience.

New features include:

- Improved functionality for multiple carers per visit.

- New manager level 'client co-ordinator'

- Better visibility of client notes 


Visits with multiple carers 

The latest update allows your additional carers to check in and out from visits. This means all carers will have to end & save their visit to mark it complete.

You will have further insight additional carers schedules and have peace of mind they're in the right place at the right time. You can find out more here


Client Co-Ordinator

To help organise your staff we've introduced a new level of manager called client co-ordinator for the web app. A user at this level has restrictions on scheduling visits and changing scheduled visits.

They can add clients and carers but have limited access to visit creation. Find out more here.


Client Notes 

There's now greater visibility on client notes as they 'pin' themselves to the client profile allowing you to view and dismiss any active notes in their profile and not just the notifications centre. You can find more information here


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