Presentation of NurseBuddy Dashboard

Your NurseBuddy homepage is displaying two graphics to help you monitor the efficiency of your business. Click on “Home” in the main menu to see them. 

Daily Service Volume

The first graph on the left shows you the following metrics:


  • Planned: total planned duration of visits for the day
  • Actual: total reported duration of visits for the day
  • Unassigned: total duration of unassigned visits
  • Cancelled: number of hours cancelled (client or last minute cancellations)
  • Absences: total duration of cancelled visits because of a client/carer absence (annual leave, hospital)

Fill rate

The second graph (on the right side) displays two metrics:


  • Planned efficiency is calculated based on the assigned visits
  • Actual efficiency is based on the assigned and completed visits

Carer efficiency is calculated here based on how much of a carer's work shift is spent on client visits.

How does it work?

First, choose a time period to display:  1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month. The grey line indicates today’s date in the middle. For example, if you select 2 weeks, the graphs will display the statistics for the past 14 days and planned level for the next 14 days.


Use your mouse to bring your pointer to a specific day on the graph. Your breakdown for this day will appear in a popup display box.Screen_Shot_2016-02-16_at_11.44.00.png

Finally, you can hide one or more metrics by clicking on the metric name listed under the graph. They will appear as a strikethrough - see below. To add them back in to the graph, simply click on the metric name again.


The dashboard also displays a live map and the names of carers working today:

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