Reassign a Visit

To reassign a visit go to the Visits Calendar:

  • Click on Visits
  • Go to the desired date
  • Click on the visit you want to reassign and drag it to the “unassigned visits” field
  • Then simply take the same visit and assign it to a different carer

To release all the visits assigned to a carer for a specific day:

  1. Go to Visits
  2. Choose a date
  3. Choose the carer whose visits need to be released and click the name
  4. Click on Release visits

*There is also a shortcut to the carer’s Calendar, to add an Absence and to print the roster in this drop-down menu

To release all the assigned visits for a specific day:

If you would like to clear an entire schedule for the day in question. All visits will be released and moved to Unfilled at the bottom of the screen. From here, you can do manual allocations or a new Copy visits or Optimise visits. Please note that Release all visits will not affect cancelled or completed visits on that day.

  1. Go to Visits
  2. Choose a date
  3. Click on Actions-button in the top right corner of visit planning.



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