Create a new visit in the mobile app

1. If you need to create a visit, go to the main screen and under your planned visits choose “Create Visit.”

2. Tap the drop down bar and choose the client for which you will create a new visit.

     3. After choosing the client, you can write notes for the preparation of the visit.

     4. Then you can choose the services to provide during the visit.  For example, Paul’s carer has chosen a falls risk assessment.

    5. You will then choose the time of your new visit by clicking on “Start time” and then on “End Time”, a new window will pop up to set up the exact date and time.

    6. Do not forget to tap “Set” to set the time. Then tap “Create.”

     7. If you need to create a visit for a “New Client” who does not exist in the system, under the client section you can select “New Client” and proceed to input the information: First name, last name, notes, and services.

    8. Once you have inputted the new clients information, tap “Create.”

    9. On your main screen, you will see the new client visit in its appropriate time slot.  

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