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Where are the data servers? What level of security does the data have?


We have data servers in Ireland (Dublin) and Finland and the security level is the same level used in online banking apps so it is very safe.


Do I need to update my NurseBuddy?

No, NurseBuddy is cloud-based and will always be updated automatically. However, NurseBuddy works best with the latest version of the Chrome browser, to check if you are using the most recent version click on the menu button on the top right corner of your internet page. Then go to Help and About>About Google Chrome. A new tab will open, indicating your current installed version and will suggest new updates if necessary.


When I receive a notification, what is exactly being notified?

The notifications are usually related to Visits and real-time information. Default notifications will inform you if a carer is late for a visit and has not checked in the app. You will also receive notification if the expiry date of carer’s certification is approaching.


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