Offline login to Mobile App

NurseBuddy also works when your carers are working in out-of-coverage areas. 

However, there are a few instructions to give them to make sure this will work:

1. In the morning, or before the first visit, the carer should log in to the NurseBuddy app on his mobile using his personal Wifi or a mobile connection. This will load all the visits planned for the day.


2. Once the first connection is made, even if the carer doesn't have access to mobile network during the day, he will still be able to access the mobile app and report visits as usual. 


3. Any modifications made by the carer in the mobile app when there is no network access will be sent when the carer comes back to a place with network coverage. 


Note that the offline login in NurseBuddy lasts 12 hours. After 12 hours, the carer will need to have network coverage to access NurseBuddy and report visits.

How will your carers see it?

The mobile app has an online and offline mode. With that, the carers can see when they are going out of coverage. 

The refresh button at the bottom left side, allows your carers to manually refresh the visits uploaded to their mobile. This way, they can always be sure that they have the latest visit updates on their mobile.

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