Getting started with Client Profile

In this article, I will present you the structure of the client's profile in NurseBuddy. 

Go to People and click on the Clients tab. Choose the client you want to see or click on the '+' button on the right side to add a new client. 

Once the client profile is ready, you will see 5 main sections/tabs:

- Diary

- Calendar

- Care Plan

- Medicines

- Service history


This is the place where every activity around the client will be saved. As a manager, you can write notes that will be visible to all NurseBuddy users. Carers can also write notes during visits. Those will be recorded there. All the past visits with this client and corresponding notes will be recorded from the most recent to the oldest. If you give Family Access to NurseBuddy to the family of the client, they can also write notes. 



The Client's Calendar tab is the place to create all client's visits. By clicking on a date and a time, it will automatically create a visit. On the left hand side, there is a '+' button besides Absences. It allows you to create an Absence (vacation, hospital, respite..) that will appear on client's calendar. Below it, there are two tabs. One is Services, you can pick a service from this list and drag it to a visit in the calendar. This service will show in carer's mobile app, and the carer will be able to report if he provided the service or not. Finally, next to the Service tab there is a Carers tab. This is a list of available carers sorted from the most suitable (3 green stars) to the less suitable (no stars or one yellow star). NurseBuddy calculates how many times each carer has visited a specific client and the carers with the most assigned visits to this client will be at the top. You can also set 'preferred' and 'no-go' carers in the client's profile. Simply click on the Edit button and go to the Service tab. 

Care Plan

The care plan tab is the place to put all information about client's condition. To read more, click here


Moving forward with the Medicines tab, this is the place to put all the medicaments. On the right side of the tab, the '+ add medicine' button allows you to add new medicaments to the list. In the Calendar tab, you can choose a service called 'Medicine Prompt' and drag it to a client's visit. This will allow your carers and Nurses to have a list of medicines that need to be given/prompted for this client. They can report this through the mobile app.

Service history

Finally, the last tab of client's profile is the Service History. NurseBuddy will save the information relating to the Services you assign to client's visits. e.g if a client needs a daily check of his Blood Glucose levels, carers can write the measurements in the app and you can see a graph of the evolution of client's Blood Glucose in a defined time frame. 

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