Adding Managers and Admins

In NurseBuddy you can have different level of administrators of the software.

Admin: will have access to all the functions in the software and will be able to create other admins.

Enquiry Admin: it is a specific access e.g for local authority. It only gives the possibility to create a new client but cannot view any other section or client information in the software.

Manager: the manager will have access to all the functions in NurseBuddy aside from creating Admins and Managers profiles. 

Client Co-ordinator: the lowest level of manager, cannot access the 'visits' page or assign cares to visits in the client calendar. They can create client and carer profiles and schedule visits in the client calendar. 

To create any of those 3 profiles, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to People
  2. Click on Managers
  3. Click on the “+” button besides Admin, Enquiry Admin, Manager or Client Co-ordinator to add a new admin or a new manager


If you choose to create an Enquiry Admin, here is what he will be able to see when logging in:

The Enquiry Admin will only be able to create a new client profile. He will access NurseBuddy through the webpage and enter the login you have created for him.


The Client Co-ordinator has limited access to visit schedules. They have no 'visits' page on their top bar and they can schedule client visits but not assign them to carers.




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