Multiple Carer Visits

Getting Started

It's easy to schedule and monitor multiple carer visits, you will schedule a visit as normal in the client calendar and simply select the number of carers required.


Assigning to carers

To assign your visit to your carers, go to the 'visits' page. 

  1.  You will see your unassigned visit at the bottom of the page with a number in the bottom corner. (The number states how many carers are required)
  2. You can schedule to each carer individually, until all the boxes have been allocated.
  3. The boxes are different colours to reflect the main carer and the additional carers. Additional carer visits are paler.


Carer view

  1. The main carer has full access to the visit and services.
  2. The additional carers can only see the services that need to be completed but cannot tick them off or write visit notes. Here's what the app looks like for an additional carer:



  1. All carers must 'end & save' their visits for a visit to be marked complete.
  2. Client reports indicate how many carers attended per visit and the status of each carer. Below you can see only two carers completed the visit. You can edit the billed and reported times for each carer. 


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