Add a new Client

  1. Go to People
  2. Click on Clients
  3. Click on the “+” button

Fill in the Basic Info section first

  • Add full name (this is a required field and won’t allow you to save the profile until you have completed it)
  • Add Contact info
  • Add any additional notes that might be relevant to the care team

  • You can “Save” your information any time during the creation of a new client


In the Service section you can create the client’s care plan:

  • Determine a start date and an end date if applicable
  • You can assign a client to a team.
  • Select a default Payer type and a Visit type. These fields can be customized for your business.

On the right side, complete the Referral & Carer sections:

  • You can write down any notes about the person who referred the client to you
  • You can assign preferred carers to the client
  • Also list any carer that cannot work with your client (they will be marked as no-go in the main calendar)
  • To add any relevant documents, click on the “+” button in the Attachments section


In the Health section you can describe specific instructions about a client’s health condition/services:

  1. In additional service(s), click on the ‘+’ button. Describe client’s need and choose the services to provide.
  2. In Attachments, click on the “+” button to upload relevant documents.
  3. Add any information about Allergies or Assistive equipment at home.
  4. Finally, tick the ‘Do not resuscitate’ box if required. This will be visible in the mobile app for your carers.

The Contact tab is where you can add family, GP and other client’s contacts. Simply click on the field under Contact and start typing a new name, a drop-down menu will suggest you to create a new contact.

This will open a new window and will ask you if you want to give this contact a Stakeholder Access. To learn more about that feature click here.

On the right side of this page, you can add Pharmacy contact details if needed.

Finally the Personal info tab is the place to put all client's likes and dislikes!


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