Creating visit in Client Calendar

Adding a visit 

  • Go to people > client 
  • Click on the client's name
  • Click on calendar 
  • Select the day time and required for the visit
  • A pop will appear allowing you to create the slot
  • The yellow boxes show visits that have been created, a name in the box indicates a carer has been assigned to this visit. 




Editing visit 

Once you have created the visit slot, you can click into this box to edit visit

Here you can set the following fields:

  • Slot length this is the period of time in which the visit can take place. E.g visit can take place during at any time during a 3 hour slot
  • Duration the actual length of the visit, if there is no flexibility in slot length then keep these two fields the same
  • Multiple carers more than one carer for a visit (you can assign multiple carers in the visit page) 




  • If you wish to repeat the visit for a client, just click into the slot and go to the repetitions tab
  • Here you can set repetitions to occur daily, weekly, monthly or year
  • Make sure to save! 


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