Start/End a visit in the mobile app

Starting a visit in NurseBuddy is very easy, read further to learn more:

1. Once you have gathered all relevant information you may now touch “Start Visit.”

2. When you are ready to input the information that is needed for the visit, simply touch the designated box beside each field and enter your values.

3. Make sure to hit “Done” when completing each measurement or task.

4. Repeat this until the tasks are completed.

5. After all of the visit information is logged, you will be able to add your notes about the visit. Scroll  down to see the Notes section. You can either type them manually or use the voice recognition tool which will write what you say.

6. You will then be asked to either notify the care coordinator about your visit or not. Click (or touch) the box to notify. These instructions will be given to you by your care coordinator.

7. The last step is to “End & Save” your updates. 

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