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What can I do if a carer cannot log in? 

Here are 3 steps to solve the issue:


  1. Make sure the carers didn't enter any company code in the app. If they did by accident, then the login will fail. They need to delete the mobile app and download it again.


  1. After reinstalling it, it is important to leave the "company code" field blank.


  1. If after reinstalling the login still fails, then set up a new username and password in the software for those carers.


My staff members have concerns about using their mobile

Emphasize on the benefits of NurseBuddy and how it will improve their daily workflow. 


If you have a motivated carer you can give him the task to explain to his colleagues how NurseBuddy works. It might be easier for a carer to ask another carer for help rather than asking a manager.


Will I be able to see where my staff is all the time through the NurseBuddy app?

No, the NurseBuddy app shows your carer’s location only during the time defined in the Work Shift (in People>Carer>Work Shift). This guarantees carer’s privacy outside of work hours.


What if my staff has no network connection during a visit with a client?


Your staff can still use the NurseBuddy app even without network and report from it. But first, they need to log in when they have internet eg. at home in the morning with the wifi. This will allow to store the visits information for 12 hours. The carer will be able to access the app and report from it even without network coverage. Then, when the carer comes back to a coverage zone, the saved information will be sent to your software and updated automatically.


How much mobile data does the NurseBuddy app use?

NurseBuddy data usage is low and is the equivalent of any messaging app like Whatsapp.


What space does it take up on a smartphone?

For Android, it is approx 40MB. The installation package is under 10MB. It would be around the same on the other platforms too.

What is the minimum software version required on each platform?

For Android it is 4.0 but we would recommend 4.3 or later.
For Window it is 8 or later.
For iOS it is 6.0 or later.


Can I customise what information/features are shown in the app? e.g if some client information is confidential

The fields in NurseBuddy are customizable and you can tell us what information needs to be visible to carers. Carers adding visits from the mobile app can be disabled.


Do we need to supply smartphones to carers or can they use their own phone? What if they do not have one?

Carers can use their own smartphone and download the app for free so you do not have to supply smartphones for them. If they do not have a smartphone, they can use a tablet or use their computer at home to log in at the start and end of each day.


If a phone is lost or stolen, how is patient data protected?

The NurseBuddy app will close after a few seconds and will require login again to use. Therefore, it will not be possible to open the app or access patient data if the phone is lost or stolen.

Can carers see important notes/additions to the care plan?

Yes. New additions to the care plan need to be made in the tab called “Care Plan” in Client's profile in order to be visible on the app. To learn how to do it, click here. Alternatively, the Care Manager can add a new service or additional notes directly into the Visit on the roster and it will appear in the Visit details on the app.


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