FAQ about Visits

How can I allocate a visit?

There are two ways to allocate visits in NurseBuddy.

  • Go to “Visits” tab and simply drag the client at the bottom to the appropriate carer.
  • In client’s profile, go to “Calendar” and under client’s name, drag and drop Services & Carers to 'empty' visits in the calendar.

For further details, please click here.

I want to allocate visits faster. How can I do that?

Thanks to our intelligent tools you can automate your rostering based on previous data in the system. In “Visits” choose between the Copy visit or Optimise visit tools on the top right corner of your screen .

For more details, check our Copy visit tutorial or Optimise visits tutorial.


I can see 3 stars next to my staff when I assign visits. What is the meaning of each of them?

3 green stars means that the carer is the preferred carer for that client. There’s also a red circle that indicates no-go carers. 3, 2 and 1 yellow stars give you an estimate of how often a carer has visited a certain client. 1 and 0 means that there’s very little or no previous visits with this client.

The message “This visit cannot be modified here.” appears when I try to modify a visit.

This message shows up if you try to modify a visit in the past in client’s calendar. To modify a visit in the past go to Reports>Clients report and update the visit according to your needs or click on the '+' button in the main toolbar on the right. 

Is there a way to see a full week schedule?

Currently, the Visits page on the web system shows the current day only as its main purpose is to schedule unrostered/last minute visits. However, you can view weekly rosters in Client and Carer calendar. Simply go to People>Clients/Carers>choose a client/carer>Calendar.

How can I cancel a visit?

There are 3 ways to cancel a visit:

  • Go to “Visits” and select the day you want to make modifications to. Click on the visit you want to cancel. At the bottom of the pop up window choose “visit cancellation” and then click on “cancel visit”.


  • Go to People>Client>Calendar and click on the visit. Then repeat the same steps to cancel the visit.


  • Go to Reports>Clients reports and select a client. Click on the visit you want to cancel and in “Status” choose “Cancelled”. Finally, simply click on “Save”.

The client/carer cancelled a visit last minute. What should I do?

You can cancel the visit (see above “How can I cancel a visit?”)

You can reassign it to another carer by dragging and dropping it to a new carer in “Visits”.


When a client has an absence (e.g. hospital/respite), how do I show this?

In client’s profile, go to the Calendar tab and click on the “+” button under the Absence section (under client’s name). Client’s calendar will then show the absence days in shaded grey. To read more, click here.


Where do I record that a carer is sick or going on holiday?

You need to create an absence for any of those events. You can also give a detailed description of what type of absence it is. To read more, click here.

Is there a place to upload the proper paperwork per carer/client?

There is an Attachments section in carer/client profile where you can upload a document that has been scanned or created in your own computer. Go to a client's profile>Edit>Service, the attachment section will be at the bottom right side. In the carer's profile click on 'Edit" and the attachement section will be at the bottom left side of the screen.

We are not working with a client/carer anymore. Can I delete his profile?

In NurseBuddy you can keep a separate record of former clients. To do so, go to your client’s profile>Edit>Services and choose an end date for that client’s service. Past this date, he will automatically be archived in the “Inactive” clients.


Can we print the schedule from NB to send it to everyone?

Yes, you can print a summary of a carer’s visits planned for the day. Just go to “Visits” and click on the arrow beside client’s name. From the drop-down menu, select “Print visit roster”. This will print the visits of this client for the selected day.

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