Add client's preferred and 'no-go' carers

You can add preferred carers to any client. They will come at the top of the list in the client's calendar and you will see 3 green stars besides their name in the Visit page.

To do that, click on People

Go to Clients and click on a client. Then click on the 'Edit' button. 

Now go to the Service tab and under the Carers section choose the preferred carer gender and below this in Nurse(s) / Carer(s) type the carer(s) name(s).

If a carer is not a match for the client you can add him as no-go carer in the client profile. On the same page as previously add no-go carer's names and finally click on Save.

Those carers will show as a red circle in client's calendar (this carer will automatically show at the bottom of the list of carers) and also in Visit planning view (whenever you drag and drop visits the red circle will appear besides the no-go carer's name).

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