Customise fields in NurseBuddy

Payer types, visit types, visit time types and services can be customised for your business. In this article we tell you how each of them can be modified. 

Payer types: (e.g Private, Outsourced service, Service oucher..) In order to modify payer types contact

Visit types: (e.g Home aid, Nursing, Doctor visit...) Also different rates can be defined for different visit types. Read here how to edit visit types and their rates!

Visit time types: Different visit times have usually different rates (e.g Basic day, Night, Sunday...). If you want to modify the visit time types, contact

Services: Services are the tasks that are completed during visits (e.g Blood pressure, Medicines, Wound care, Vacuuming..) There is no limit for the number of services and they can be modified as much as needed. Contact to edit your services. 


Once the settings are made, they will be available when creating a new visit.


These new fields can be also applied to earlier visits by modifying the visit in reports.

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