How it works

Autopilot is designed to speed up the process of scheduling and allows you to assign visits efficiently and intelligently in one click.

Offering an edge over the existing automated scheduling tools, it assigns visits taking into account a number of factors including:

  • Carer availability

  • Carer compliances*

  • Length of visit

  • Travel routes

  • Driving distance

  • No-go/preferred carers

Autopilot also inserts a lunch break into the carer's day (if the work shift is over 6 hours) and respects the teams that carers and clients are assigned to.

*must enable "Define required compliances for visit" in Settings page for this to apply

Using Autopilot

To use the tool, on the Schedule page click the Quick assign drop-down button, and click Assign with Autopilot.

Then select the relevant options from the next dialog (based on preferred carer and preferred carer gender entered in your client profiles and minimum flexible start entered in any of your visits).

Using the factors above, the system will plot the rota intelligently and minimise the amount of manual visit allocations, ensure that the most efficient routes are taken, and preferred/appropriate carers are assigned.

(note: due to the availability of your carers and visit timings, you might still find that there are some unfilled visits, which you can then assign as you wish).

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