First set up your visit as normal in your client calendar, there's just one small change to make. 

1. When editing the visit in the pop up window, scroll to the bottom of the general info tab and select the number of carers from the drop down list.

2. Select the number of carers required and save the visit slot.

3. Return to your visits page to assign the multiple carers to the visit. 

4. Any visits that require multiple carers will be in the unfilled visits section showing the client name and how many cares are required. 

See O'Connor Eoghan below.

5. Drag and drop the visit box as normal up to the first carer required, the box will then reappear at the bottom ready to assign to the second carer.

6. The first carer you assign the visit to will be the primary carer. They are responsible for completing services and visit notes.

7. The secondary carer is shown as a paler colour on the calendar, they will still have to check in and out on time for it to be a successful visit.

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