Once your client visits are scheduled in their calendar it's time to start assigning your carers to these visits.

Let's take a deeper look at the structure of your visits page and how it works, to learn about assigning visits click here.

The Schedule page is accessed on the left menu pane. This will bring you to a day by day view of your schedules.

Your Schedule page is broken down by time at the top, and carers to the left. 

  • The grey shading indicates when carers aren't available. The white is when they are.

  • The yellow boxes underneath are client visits waiting to be assigned to a carer. 

Managing your carers on the Schedule page

The carers that are working on your selected day are on the left hand side and if you wish to add any more you can click the Add button at the top right.

  • The coloured dots indicate the team they belong to

  • The star rating that appears when you drag a visit into the schedule indicates who is a client's preferred carer

  • A percentage figure will also appear next to the carer name to indicate how much of their work shift has been filled

By selecting the drop down arrow next to your carer names you can:

  • Add a visit, work shift or event

  • Add an absence

  • Release all of their visits

  • Send SMS message about a change to their rota

  • Print their rota

Other functions of the Schedule page

There are other functions of the Schedule page such as the ability to assign visits, and automated scheduling/optimisation tools:

- Learn how to assign a visit here
- Click here to find out about optimisation and copy visits

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