1. Manager Access: NurseBuddy managers can access the software on any desktop tablet and mobile browser by typing https://app.nursebuddy.fi/ into the web browser and using the login we have sent you. If you don't remember your login details, email support@nursebuddy.fi

2. The Carer Mobile App: the mobile app is made for carer's use. Each carer can download it for free in their mobile's app store. It allows staff to log in and out of visits. Managers can use the mobile app as a carer too but they must set up a carer profile with separate login details. 

3. The Family Portal: is a unique view of NurseBuddy for family members, they also login at  https://app.nursebuddy.fi/ allowing them to follow the services provided to their loved ones in real-time, to find out more click here

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