When you login to the Nursebuddy manager app you will notice the left pane on the main screen has lots of links to other parts of the system.

  • The icon to the right of the Nursebuddy logo allows you to minimise/expand the menu pane

  • If you have Teams set up, you can select a team from the drop-down menu and this becomes the data shown on Nursebuddy

Home provides business statistics and your live carer map
Manage submenu comprises of links to the main Schedule page, People page (where you manage your clients/carers/managers) and Notifications (more detail about notifications below)

Insights submenu links to your reports, payroll (for Standard customers) and further business metrics

Communicate submenu links to the Send SMS page where you can contact your carers via text message (see below)

Finally the Admin submenu has links to your company settings page, and the Export page (which allows you to export carer or client data in .csv format)

The Add new link quickly takes you to the corresponding page to add new visits/users etc.

Your name/personal settings

If you click your name at the bottom right of the screen, this gives you the options for Profile where you can change your personal details and password. Help takes you to the Help Centre and Log out allows you to fully log out of the Nursebuddy site.

Communicate > Send SMS

Clicking on the Send SMS link displays the dialog box below.

Just type in the carers names that you wish to message, it's useful for last minute schedule updates and reminders.

Notifications CentreĀ 

The Notifications Centre alerts you about various aspects of your Nursebuddy account. You can access the Notifications from the Insights section on your menu pane:

The orange dot lets you know you have new notifications.

There is more info on the Notifications Centre here: https://app.intercom.com/a/apps/jgeu82d5/articles/articles/5016402/show

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