Visit Runs allow you to save a series of visits in a particular order that can be assigned to carers with one click. This saves managers from having to manually assign the same visits every day.

Setting up Runs

  1. Drag a box around a series of assigned visits

  2. Click Add to a run

  3. Under Create new run, name your run

  4. Click Create button

  5. The run now saves at the bottom of the screen in the Runs section

Assigning Runs

When you have set up Runs, they will be visible on future days of the Schedule page, selectable from the bottom of the screen.

  1. Go to the relevant day

  2. Click the Runs section at the bottom of the page

  3. Find the run and click the Select carer drop-down, and select the carer

  4. The visits will move up to the carer's line on the schedule

  5. If visits aren't available that day (for example, the repetition does not require the visit on the particular day) then the system will notify you of this:

See a clip below explaining the process of creating and assigning runs:

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