Your client's Calendar tab is the place to create your client visits. 

Follow the steps below to create a visit:

1. Select your date and time by clicking on the calendar, a pop up will appear allowing you to schedule the details of the visit. 

2. The visit pop up has four tabs, general info, repetition, location and change log. You can access this pop up again by clicking into any visits you have scheduled.

3.  The general tab  allows you to edit the visit length, create a flexible start time, add multiple carers, services and invoice information.

4. The repetition tab is where you can create a run of visits in one go. For example your client needs a 1 hour visit every weekday at 9am. You just need to create one visit select repetition and tick every weekday box.

5. The location tab shows where the carer has checked in and out from.

6. The change log tab shows the made modifications. (Creation date, assignment date, start and end time of the visit etc.)

7. Going forward you can modify/delete just one visit or 'all following' in your repetition. 

8. The bottom of the calendar shows how many hours have been completed for each client.


1. On the left hand side, there is a '+' button besides absences. Click on this to create an absence such as a vacation, hospital, respite. This will turn the client calendar grey for those chosen days. 

Service and Carers tab

1. There are also two tabs on the left. Services is where you can pick a service from the list and drag it to a visit in the calendar. This service is visible in the carer's mobile app. Find out how to add services here

 2. The carers tab is a list of available carers sorted from the most suitable (3 green stars) to the least suitable (no stars or one yellow star).

3.  Just drag and drop a carer name to your visit for it to be assigned to them or go to your schedule to assign them on a day by day basis. 

5. We can add and delete services from your standard list, just email us with your updates. 

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