One By One 

  1. Choose the date at the top of the schedule page. 

  2. Click on the visit you want to reassign and drag it to the “unassigned visits” field.

  3. Or drag and drop a visit and assign it straight to a different carer.

Releasing All Visits For a Carer 

To release all the visits assigned to a carer for a specific day:

  1. Go to the schedule page.

  2. Choose the carer whose visits need to be released and click the drop down arrow.

  3.  Select release visits.

Releasing Visits for an Entire Day

For clearing an entire schedule for your chosen day, all visits will be released and moved to unfilled section at the bottom of the page. Releasing all visits will not affect cancelled or completed visits on that day.

  1. Go to your schedule page.

  2. Choose the date.

  3. Click on the actions button in the top right corner of the calendar and select release all visits. 

4. Once released you can reassign your visits one by one or by using the optimise or copy visits.

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